Together, we are


The Fearless family of enterprises, based in Baltimore, MD., includes:

Fearless Sports, high-quality casual and athletic apparel collections.

Fearless Tech, software development company, designing products with purpose, and aiding Community Partners with grants and volunteerism.

Hutch, an acclaimed business incubator providing mentorship and resources for Baltimore’s entrepreneurs, with a focus on giving under-represented populations a robust start in the digital services and civic-tech industries.

HACK Baltimore, a nonprofit convenor of civic hackers and citizens who collaborate to create sustainable solutions for real-world challenges in education, health and wellness, transportation, workforce development, housing, and public safety.

Fearless is committed to diversity, inclusion, equity, and action:
real and lasting change.

Fearless Sports is the brainchild of Delali Dzirasa, a Baltimore entrepreneur, change-maker, civic hacker, family man, and advocate for social impact endeavors.


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