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At Fearless Sports headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, there are no robots. 

Our enthusiastic team members are real people with big hearts. Social impact is our mission, vision, and community, so their passion is our superpower. 

We are Fearless Together: That’s a commitment to our purpose, to high-quality streetwear and clothing for good, and to customer care.

Gift cards are always in fashion.

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Your time is precious, so we never close.

The Fearless Sports online store is open to receive your orders 24/7. All orders received will be processed promptly Monday-Friday

Our staff has weekends and holidays off to be Fearless for their families and communities.

We hear you calling.

Please use the contact box to reach out with questions about Fearless clothes, sizing, existing orders, returns and exchanges, and bulk ordering. We also welcome feedback about your shopping experience. 

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Fearless Moments

It’s about purpose. Tell us about Fearless heroes in your community – the social impact creators, achievers, and builders, the startups and the companies that give back to the community. If you’re having a Fearless Moment, snap a selfie while you’re wearing Fearless gear.